Getting Started

Napwell Quick Start Guide

1. Unbox your Napwell! Each box should contain:

  • 1 x mask with electronics velcro-ed inside
  • 1 x rechargeable AAA battery pre-inserted with pull-tab
  • 2 x velcro dot pairs to fix the position of the lights

2. Napwell Components

3. Try on your Napwell! Make sure it's comfortable and fits well on your face (don't forget to adjust the straps). The mask is designed to be worn in the orientation shown below.

4. Now, you need position the LEDs. Take off your mask. Then, unzip the mask and position the LEDs such that they are near where your eyes would be when you are wearing your mask. Proper placement of the LEDs will ensure maximum brightness from the LEDs on the eyes. Once you are happy with the location of your LEDs, use the sticky velcro dots to attach the end of the flexible arms to the inside of the mask as shown in the bottom-left image below (hook side attached the electronics/fuzzy side attached to the mask). It is okay to fold the adjustable arms when positioning the LEDs, but be careful not to tear or cut them. .

5. Pull the battery tab out/place battery in. The OLED display should turn on.

6. To set/use the Napwell:

  1. From the HOME screen, press the L button to go to the TIMER:SET_HRS screen.
  2. Press the R button to change and set the hours
  3. Press the L button to switch to to the TIMER:SET_MINS screen
  4. Press the R button to change and set the minutes
  5. Press the L button to move to the DEMO screen (this is special screen for Kickstarter masks only)
  6. From the DEMO screen, press L to go back to the HOME screen or press R to test the lights.
  7. At the HOME screen, press R to begin the countdown timer (a screen with a snoozing moon and countdown timer should appear).
  8. *At any of the above steps/screens, the display is set to sleep after 10s of inactivity. If the display is asleep, press the L button to turn it back on.

  9. While counting down:
      If the "snoozing moon" screen is still visible, press and hold the L button to return to the HOME screen.
      After a few seconds, the display will sleep while the countdown continues (to conserve power). To get to the "snoozing moon" screen when the display is asleep, press and hold the R button. If you want to exit the countdown (return to home screen), you need to press and hold the L button when the "snoozing moon" screen is visible. This is to ensure you don't unintentionally exit the countdown while sleeping.