What is the Napwell?

The Napwell is the world’s first napping mask. It helps you nap more efficiently by reducing “sleep inertia,” the lousy post-nap headache and grogginess.

Sleep inertia occurs when you’re abruptly awakened in the middle of a sleep cycle, and the Napwell helps solve this problem by using interior lights to gently wake you from sleep via a simulated sunrise.

Who is the Napwell for?

The Napwell is perfect for anyone seeking to #naptimize his or her life. Whether you’re power-napping at work after a mentally taxing morning, resting on the plane between business meetings, or simply catching some shuteye on your couch at home, the Napwell helps you get to sleep quickly, then wake up gently feeling refreshed and ready to go.

We love hearing from our customers who:
  • Are frequent flyers and need one to get over jet lag faster (and have a more pleasant flight experience overall)
  • Work night shifts but still want to wake up to a sunrise.
  • Have symptoms of delayed sleep phase disorder, narcolepsy, and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Want to wake independently in the morning without rousing their other half.
  • Are physicians, residents, and nurses seeking quality rest in the midst of long shifts.
  • Are in the US navy and believe that the Napwell could significantly improve the operational safety of U.S. naval submarine crews (who would otherwise lack appropriate light cues for healthy sleep cycles).

Why should I nap?

Put simply: naps are awesome for you. Regardless of how well you sleep each night, naps can boost your memory, creative, and ability to learn new things. Don’t believe us? Check out this Nature Neuroscience paper or our blog post on why naps rock (and if you’re a heavy caffeinator, check out this paper on Naps vs. Caffeine).

What makes the Napwell different from other masks?

  1. It's comfortable. Our number 1 concern with the mask has been how to make it something you can actually fall asleep in. We looked at the market and while other masks are wonderful technical solutions, we felt that were not conducive to sleep.
  2. It works everywhere. The mask is battery operated so you don't need wifi, bluetooth, or a smart phone to make it work. This means Napwell can be used by anyone, anywhere.
  3. It wakes you up gently. Sleep inertia sucks, and the way that our lights gradually wake you up helps alleviate the problems with sleep inertia in a simple/elegant manner.