To help people lead productive and efficient lives.

“I consider myself lucky to work with amazing people at MIT and Harvard Medical School, but it really frustrates me to see my colleagues routinely hampered by small things that have dramatic effects on their productivity. What started as a set of personal projects to help my colleagues (and myself as well) has evolved into a mission to develop products that can help a wider population lead more efficient and productive lives.” – Justin Lee

Our goal is to build products that help people lead efficient and productive lives. We started with the problem and not the solution. We felt we found the most pressing need - helping people sleep more efficiently. After experimenting with multiple products and speaking to many experts, we realized that a simple, mobile solution to sleep was necessary. We don't mean mobile in the sense of an app, but rather something that can be used on the go. We were excited to build a solution to this problem that did not rely on computers or phones.

Our strength is building and engineering elegant products that combine comfort and design. The Napwell is our first step.


Justin Lee
An experienced inventor, Justin Lee is currently a PhD Candidate in a joint Harvard-MIT program in Health, Sciences and Technology. He completed his undergraduate degree at MIT as well, studying physics and biology. Previously, he co-founded 1337arts and launched a digital camera into near-space to take photographs of the earth on a $150 budget. This was covered by CNN and other major media outlets. He has most recently been also recognized as a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow.
Neil Joglekar (@njcar)
A seasoned entrepreneur, Neil Joglekar is currently the San Francisco Curator for the Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum. Previously, he co-founded ReelSurfer, a Y Combinator and venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley, and Cardinal Tutors, one of the largest tutoring services in the Bay Area. Neil received his bachelors in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.